#1 goal: Secure a rehearsal location and find your participants!

Top Tips for Recruitment

???? Send aphasia-friendly flyers to established aphasia community support groups

???? Visit support groups and organizations in person
???? Show videos and pictures of other aphasia choirs
???? Share the benefits of singing!
???? Be patient! Word of mouth is often the BEST form of recruitment. Once you've had a few sessions, more will join!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should rehearsals be?

Rehearsals should be between 60 and 120 minutes. 90 minutes is most popular. Break(s) for water, snacks, and socialization is recommended. Some groups have lunch together after the rehearsal.

How often should we meet?

Most groups meet once a week, but some groups meet twice a week.

When should we meet?

Pick a day that works best for your clients. Early morning (10:30am) or early afternoon (1:30pm) are most popular during the week and weekends.

Who accompanies the group? Who directs?

Many groups use guitar or piano for accompaniment. Most are directed by music therapists and/or speech-language pathologists. This is a great opportunity for interprofessional collaboration!